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Chan Sui Ki Perpetual Help College | 中學組 Secondary School

That was challenging, wasn't it? After a long day of packing for school, I was fatigued. My inner child was telling me to "go into the park and stay for a while" as I passed past the park. A playground, to me, represents rebirth. It helps me fight weariness. Playgrounds are places where children may acquire important physical, social, emotional, and imaginative skills that can help them establish self-confidence, enhance coordination, and increase their critical thinking ability. Nonetheless, playgrounds are not only for kids, but also for us, teenagers, and even adults. When I were younger, I could easily shake off my exhaustion after killing my time at the playground and, I would restore my energy very soon. Flowers in the park can remind us of ourselves when we were younger. Fills nature with colours. Gorgeous. Graceful. Incredible. Nonetheless, as I grew older, I felt embarrassed entering a park full of children. An infinitesimal detail is often overlooked; your inner child has a heartbeat, so let it out occasionally. It makes no difference. In our lives, when it appears to be the beginning of the end, consider pressing pause on life for a tiny, tiny moment, and think. It's not that difficult.

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