作品名 Title: If I were a KOOL... | Darren YIU

Tai Kwong Hilary College | 中學組 Secondary School

In the modern age, many key opinion leader has rose to prominence and many of them has made a name for themselves by leading trends and expressing their often sensationalising opinion. However, new KOL has formed called key online opinion leader(KOOL). Now, I ma going to introduce myself as a KOOl. Ready? Let's gol I would promote the exploration of space and to travel above and beyond where people has gone before. I fell that a KOOL has to lead his/her/their followers or fans to success and to achieve more than what they can before they met the KOOL I think it is also important that the KOOL lead by example, such as going to hike when you tell your fans that hiking Is healthy. Some of the words that you can tag me with is, honest, kind and inventive

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