作品名 Title: If I were a KOOL... | Christine YEUNG

Tai Kwong Hilary College | 中學組 Secondary School

If I were a KOOL, I will promote some unique special painters. I like to appreciate the artwork. Also, like to find some style pieces that I like. I always search for the artworks of different illustrators. I think appreciating different artworks can improve our taste. There have a lot of illustrators who use their own works to make products. I think usually their works are unique because they are produced in small quantities and not many people know about them. What does KOOL mean to me? For me, I think KOOL is a really cool thing. Anyone could be a KOOL, you can be your own KOOL. AS the sentence on my work. I m a creative, methodical, slow to warm up, calm, and responsible person. I always have inspiration in my brain, probably because I have had the habit of drawing since I was a child. I think I'm an organised person, everything has its own list in my mind. At A the same time, I am a very shy person. I only show my real me only in front of my family and friends. I don t really feel stressed. I think calmly before doing anything and I think being a responsible person is important. In my artwork, I have used mint, blue, and purple. I think these three colours work well when put together. The stars next to it are for decoration. I am not satisfied with this artwork. For me is just

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