作品名 Title: If I were a KOOL... | Boyce LEE

Tai Kwong Hilary College | 中學組 Secondary School

IfyouwereaKOOL,whatwouldyoupromote? I would promote obesity because I really think that obesity is a huge problem in our world right now. The obesity percentage has sky-rocketed in the start of the 21st century which can cause a lot of problems such as high-blood pressure, diabetes, strokes and many more problems that can lead to death. ● WhatdoesKOOLmeantoyou? KOOL to me and I think all of us means Key Opinion Online Leaders. ● WhatarethekeywordsthatcansummariseyouasaKOOL? Non-obese, knows how not to be obese. ● Why? It is because I am 100% positive that I am not obese and I really love doing sports for fun and keep myself in great shape no matter physically or mentally. Keeping yourself in good shape can be very hard nowadays because of the pandemic, you can’t go outside and your workout time and places has restrictions and a lot of people don’t have enough spots and places for them to workout at home ; people wouldn’t have the motivation to workout since they are back home they want to relax and chill. I personally myself would weekly go for a jog for an hour and if I got some free time and I feel like working-out I would torture myself until I feel like I’m out of energy. The results after your hard work is absolutely worth it and your diet is a big part of keeping fit and not being obese. Having a balanced diet is important when you want to lose weight, I personally don’t really care about my diet since I am very picky but I have a lot of friends who really changed after having a diet and working out compared to just only working out or just only having a diet.

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