作品名 Title: If I were a KOOL... | Tangia CHUK

Tai Kwong Hilary College | 中學組 Secondary School

Do you know what Kool is?Do vou like KOOL? For me KOOL is used online to make money, it will use Ig, Facebook etc. If many people know who you mean and have many followers, that can make more money, because they will have advertise, that have money for you. So I think KOOL has a high income. What do you think about KOOL? If I were KOOL ,I would promote eating and play.Because in every day everyone will eat so I think eating is so important. If I want to have more followers or more advertisements, I will promote eat.And why I will promote play, because many people buy toy.And I can go to different places to play. I can play and work together So I will choose to eat and play. I think Internet celebrity is that keyword, Because the work means online so many people know who you are. If I was KOOL I would make a color, shape to symbolize me, color I want pink and blue. it is a Gradient and shape I will choose a star. Because I like pink and blue, I want to use it both, and I think gradient use is more special than one color. why I will use star, because star means hope , that means I have many chances, so I want to use it. When I grow up I want to do a KOOL. I can play and eat. Do you want to do a KOOL?

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