作品名 Title: If I were a KOOL... | Rio FUNG

Tai Kwong Hilary College | 中學組 Secondary School

If I were a KOOL, I would promote Art. KOOL is a place where I can let everyone know what is Art, it also can show others what kind of person am I when they look at my artwork created from 'Adobe. If I need to use keywords to summarise me as a KOOL, I would use words such as 'Fresh and Memorable. I choose fresh because I didn't have those experience before, I think this experience as a KOOl is very new and fresh, I choose memorable because I won't forget this experience as a kOOl. I think the colour that can represent me are orange and blue. In terms of orange, I think it can represent me because I am active sometimes, I am willing to share my ideas with everyone, and to discuss different topics together. In terms of blue, I choose it because I am always calm. When facing problems, I think things quick, sol also put 'quick thinker in my art work. If I could sell products, I would sell paintings where there will be some encouraging quotes that makes people who buy it feels joyful and happy! In my artwork, I include colourful paints and colour dish. The main colour used in the artwork is blue, it can show how calm I am. I put words and sentences that can also represent me. Beside talking about art, I put some words about personality of myself like great listener and creative in the artwork. Hope you like my artwork!

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