作品名 Title: If I were a KOOL... | Kenji POON

Tai Kwong Hilary College | 中學組 Secondary School

If I were a Kool. I would promote design , because I am good at drawing and creating things Kool if means something you really love or appreciate on it, like me l am a Kool design and I really want to promote it . Like a lovers or a hobbyist means that you are really attempted to be design or something you always wanted to explore Because of your own Interest, so it makes you really want to build a kingdom of your own Kool and you definitely going to share and promote it I will use lots of colours and decorations to prepare my Kool centre to try and experience my own Kool Promote centre , and also I will make some design just for being it and know more about my Kool centre I will use arts and computer design to make the graphics much more cool and I will create some crates and some materials for my promotes

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