作品名 Title: Euphoria |

香港大學專業進修學院 | 大學組 Tertiary

My photograph was inspired by the TV drama series called "Euphoria", in which the characters experienced "Euphoria" after taking drugs. They felt aroused and had hallucinations. In this photograph, I tried to use light painting to imitate the hallucination that people might vision after taking drugs. I adjusted my mobile phone to the light painting photography mode and danced with the light source in my hand to draw one wave after another in a pitch-dark room. In this photograph, the camera represents the drug addict. The light source represents the drug and the light represents the hallucinations caused by the drug. As a matter of fact, many drug addicts use drugs to escape reality and to cope with an uncertain future. They desperately seek 'Euphoria', believing they can outperform drugs. However, drug addiction will strike more than once and will get stronger and faster everytime. Consequently, the body is no longer under the person's control from that point. Follow by the many irreversible harmful effects drugs do to a person's body both mentally and physically. I hope that by posting this photo, I can persuade everyone to confront the problems and dangers of drug abuse. I hope everyone understands that while drugs can provide temporary pleasure, they will eventually lead to a downward spiral. Even if your future appears to be bleak right now, if you believe in yourself and keep trying and work hard at it, you will eventually see a true rainbow that belongs to you!

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