作品名 Title: Are we really the same? |

Hong Kong Metropolitan University | 大學組 Tertiary

The work was inspired by the Floyd incident on May 25, 2020. George Floyd, an African American man was violently suffocated to death by police Drake Shovan for allegedly trying to spend a counterfeit $20 bill, kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. Floyd’s dying gasps and pleas for mercy sparked generations of protests against racial injustice in the United States and attracted international attention, and directly triggered large-scale demonstrations, looting and burning activities in nearly 75 cities in the United States. His words “I Can't Breathe... I Can't Breathe...” Yes, the black community still cannot breathe as well as the white people. They live like street rats in fear because the next bullet will be fired into their chests at any point. Racism is still deeply rooted in our society and the world, and the widely debated George Floyd incident is just one of the millions of racial tragedies. No matter in film, television or advertising creation, creators still try to challenge and draw racial boundaries, either directly or implicitly. I am eager to call for people to pay attention to human rights equality and social justice through my works.

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